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Mark Lloyd Designer Jewellery

Member Since: Oct 30, 2015

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Mark Lloyd Designer Jewellery

TS26 9DE Hartlepool,  Cleveland,  United Kingdom

100% UK Made




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Mark Lloyd is the designer of  ‘The Dune Collection’ and Jamilo is a collaboration with computer operator Nick Crozier. He also restores, repairs, re-models and re-makes jewellery, hand makes wedding rings to order and has been commissioned to make many items of jewellery and even some objects of art as you will see in the creative projects gallery.


The Dune Collection was created whilst experimenting with a twist on the ancient technique of sand casting. Mark Lloyd creates the jewellery in his own way. Through techniques he has learned as a goldsmith for over 26 years. He refers to the technique as ‘jamming it’ with precious metal.


Mark is also a composer of music.  He often gets together with his  friends and jams to form their own music. This is where he created the name for his special technique for creating beautiful jewellery as Jamming it!


Mark started at the age of 17. And was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship in a local jewellers. He spent the next 15 years working for other jewellers, until deciding to open up his own jewellery shop, called The Gold Workshop.


The shop opened first as a jewellery repair workshop, which slowly over the years developed into a full retail shop and became Mobeus.


Due to the demand for repairs he kept the workshop as an integral part of the shop. The name change to Mobeus came about because Mark wanted a memorable name for his shop, he heard the word in a track by the band Orbital ‘mobius a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop’ a sample from an episode of Star Trek. When Mark researched the words origin he thought the meaning worked well with his jewellery and in particular his hand-made wedding rings, a mobius strip is a single sided object that effectively creates an infinite loop….


Marks son Cosmo was starting a video media course at university. He made the videos and edited them, which gave him great experience, he passed with a 2:1 degree.


“I personally hope you like the Mark Lloyd designer jewellery on Odissa and find my work interesting.”


It’s always good to hear from people. If you have any queries or questions please let me know. I will get back to you as quickly as I can”. Mark Lloyd



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